Multiple Flat Spotting Wear

Appearance Multiple radially worn areas around the tire Probable Cause Faulty shocks, loose/worn wheel bearings, server balance issues, mismatched pressures or tire diameters, excessive high speed empty operation. Corrective Action Check for mechanical issue, check air pressure Tire Disposition Continue to run or retread

Depression Wear (Shoulder)

Appearance Localized wear patch on the shoulder rib of the tire. This patch can repeat around the circumference of the tire. Probable Cause Faulty shocks, lateral runout, loose wheel bearings, mis-mount, sever balance issues. Corrective Action Check for mechanical problem Tire Disposition Continue to run, rotate or retread

Depression Wear (Center)

Appearance Circumferential depression wear of the center tread rib. Probable Cause Overloaded/underinflated, faulty shocks, loose wheel bearings, mismount, high speed empty haul conditions Corrective Action Check air pressure/load weight and word parts. Tire Disposition Continue to run, rotate, or retread.

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